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Tož dobrá to kúpě

Posted on 2009.01.16 at 16:04
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Moosic: Werich - Až opadá listí z dubu

I bought this today in antiquariat (?) bookstore. I'm so happy, I'm so lucky! xD
You know why?
Heh, when I saw it there few days ago, I said to myself, "I must have it!" and then I looked on it's prize..it was 700 ckz (about 35$). Hmmrr :/ BUT it was an original picture from encyclopedia, napoleonic soldier, hussar COME ON RAI D: I heard these words in my head XD
Yesterday I went to the bookstore to check it. There was one very optimistic old man, we talked a little and I promised him that I'll be back tomorrow...
So today I went there again. There was a different (younger) guy ( but he could be abou 60 years old) and he really enjoyed a conversation with some woman. So I didn't disturb and looked around the store. But their conversation was getting too long xD They were talking about her two summer residences in Šlapanice and Sokolnice ( near Brno ) and he was all dissapointed that she doen't live there and she was trying to explain that she feels alone in such big houses etc etc, it was quite interesting. But it had to stop, because I wanted to get the picture! XD So I disturbed finally lD
When I was preparing my money to pay for it, the old guy flipped over the picture to check it from both sides and he realized that it doesn't cost 700czk, but only 250czk (about 12$)! I was so happy in that moment, so I didn't have to pay such a huge prize for picture XD; haha. Well, and the guy became feignedly sad and said : "Honestly doesn't pays, I could be rich!" xD The woman laughed and she liked my folders with pictures and they both were surprised that they have never seen a young girl so interested in such "old" stuff xD
I like that store c: I promised the guy that I'll be visiting it more xD and I said goodbye.
Sooo, that's the story.
Actually the reason why I am writting this all is to practise English lD *lame*

I hope that I'll bet more of these by time c:

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